Seating Depth Testing

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
I believe it was a sweet spot and maybe .065 and .075 would do well, but it’s just a narrow seating depth window. That’s my thoughts.
I found a sweet spot at .077 with a 162 sst in a 7mm rm. Would open up quickly @ .076 & going closer then very slowly open up backing away from .077.

Laguna Freak

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Jan 5, 2015
South Central Texas, just north of the Wall
After sleeping on my results, further considering my forehand grip (recalling increased down pressure) on the 0.070" flier, re-reading the PRB info, measuring extreme spread and extrapolating Average Distance to Center (ATC) of groups; I've concluded that I likely have identified for this rifle : bullet combo, two 0.009" wide seating depth accuracy nodes at jumps from 0.056" to 0.064" and 0.070" to 0.078". The longer jump possibly being the most accurate of the two.

Where am I missing the crux of this method?