seating depth for 6mm 107 gr MK


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Oct 19, 2001
I posted some time back about reasonable accuracy from my 6-284. I didn't get any response, so i started thinking(whoa), shouldn't I seat the 107 MK just off the lands, or maybe right at them? The smith who chambered my rifle made the throat so long I can't even reach the lands. Is this very common? And how hard is it to fix?


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
If you cannot touch the lands with a MK, then no VLD will be even close to that.

A good knowledgable LR/1K gunsmith will throat for the type of bullet you are going to shoot. If you cannot touch on a MK, I doubt you will find anything that will touch. Only fix is rechamber with shorter throat by a different smith.

Take two stoney point ogive checkers $40 that clip to caliper blades and measure the length of bearing surface on a MK and a VLD like a Berger or JLK. On my 6.5 the JLK is .112 shorter, which means I have to seat the JLK .112 out further in the neck to touch the lands. Plus most VLDs like to be well into the lands as much as .020-.030 while the MK tends to like just touching.

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