Seating depth for 208gr A-max?


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA

I'm loading 208gr A-maxs in my .308win with RL17. What depth should I seat them to? Or try seating them to? Do they like being close to the lands? If anyone has any experience with seating depth for this bullet, any info would be much appreciated.

hey Oliver the gent at snipershide was setting them at around 3.000even might try 2.900 or close to it.and if your chamber is a little long and you still can get enough of the neck to hold onto the bullet this will give you a little more case volume to help out with the compressing or crushing of the powder.

I agree, they must be seated long to save case capacity, but I'm wondering about what distance from the lands, jump, close or jammed. The way my throat is cut they touch the lands at 2.975" COAL. So I'm wondering what seating depth I should try for load work up. I did a preliminary pressure test and some 3shot groups using a COAL of 2.875" because at that time I didn't know the length of the throat. Groups weren't too great. I'm just wondering if anyone can recommed a distance off (or in) the lands I should try.

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