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Jan 15, 2008
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Hey guys. I have a remington 700 in .30-06. Right now I just have a simmons 3x9 scope on it. Not the best obviously. I have been practicing out to 300 yards and earlier this week I made my longest kill to date on a standing doe at 385 yards. I want a better scope tho one with the 1/4'' MOA adjustments. This will not be an extreme long range gun, but I am hoping for maybe 500 or a little more yard shots. My price range is in the $200 range. Is there a decent scope out there that I can do this with? and can my rifle be capable of shooting 500 yards or so without having the barrel bedded or the bolt messed with? I'm new to all this! thanks for the help!
Most likely scopes in that price range will adjust in Inches Per Hundred Yards (IPHY) and not in Minutes Of Angle (MOA)
There are many good scopes on the market that will satisfy your needs but if your not in a hurry and don't need the scope right away then I'd wait. Save your money and get something that will fufill your needs and that you will be happy with over the years. If you double your budget / save the extra money then you will be in a better class of scope that will more than do what you want it to do.

Buy quality and cry only once!

The caliber that you are shooting is more than enough to shoot the ranges that you are wanting to shoot and then some. If you have quality glass and your marksmanship skills are honed then you should be able to make the shots that you desire to the ranges that you described and beyond.

For example, I took my fathers old Rem 7mm Mag and put quality glass on it. This is just a sporter rifle with a wooden stock purchased about 1968. The rifle shot a 5 round shot group @ 600 m (657 yards) that measured under 4 inches. Now, that rifle would not be able to sustain that gruop for a prolonged period due to the light barrel but for what the rifle is used for it is more than satisfactory.

Again, the key to it was taking off the old Weaver scope and putting on a far superior scope. Good marksmanship fundimentals were observed and it proved to be more accurate than I thought it would have been initially.

So, it all goes back to whether or not you are willing to save up some more cash for a quality scope or if you need it now.

Good luck
well, i was kinda in your shoes, and i got a bushnell elite 3200 10x40 mil dot and never looked back! shot over 600 rounds this year with it on my .243!! always reliable repeatable adjustments!! you can get one for about 175 now on ebay or, a friend of mine just got one on ebay with free shipping for his 2ndary rifle cuz i've had great success with mine! shot to 850y on a 20 inch sq plate, its a great value!
I'd agree with Savagebien. That bushnell is a great scope, and is exactly at the price you are looking at.

I had the variable 5-15x version. I really liked it. Turrets work great. Reticle is good up to and beyond the ranges you will be shooting.
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