Scope TOPPED out.. Bad scope?

Yes the base is on the correct way. I have used the laser and looked down the bore but only inside my house. They both seem to line up at close range. Maybe that is my problem, i am at a very close distance. I will bring it to the range and see what i can do with it. Thanks for all the tips. Ill let you know!

After the sun is down I use the laser on my neighbor's garage door across the street. It's exactly 100 yards away, and I try to get the laser and my crosshairs as close as possible. Doing this I have often been unbelievably close when I then shoot at a target. If you're trying in your house then you're just fighting yourself.
I just happen to see your problem and my advice to you instead of ever shimming would be to look into some millet scope mounts. They come w/ all the neccessary adjustments needed for this type of problem and millet makes excellent scope mounts. Hope this was of some help.
I assume you're talking about Angle-Lock mounts. That are only windage adjustable. They also may require lapping because they don't rotate much on the Weaver base.

The OP has an elevation problem, so these rings won't help.
The OP has an elevation problem, so these rings won't help.

He does not have an elevation problem.

He's trying to line up and match a laser from his barrel and his crosshairs at about 20 feet. There isn't any way that this will work so he needs to move his "target" so that he's trying to line them up at a much longer distance such as 100 yards. I use a laser as well to get my scopes lined up and know this from doing it - they are not going to line up if he is doing it indoors as he says he is.
Just go shoot the darn thing "as-is" and make necessary adjustments on the "actual" bullet point of impact then report back ... and we'll go from there.

I use a collimator and never have any problem but I only use it to get me on paper.

Good luck!
Listen to Dr. Vette, as he knows of what he speaks. Take the equipment out and do it at a decent distance or you might as well toss the bore sighter in the trash! Did you not read the directions that came with it, as I'm sure they would tell you the same thing.
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