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Apr 11, 2009
Carrollton, Ohio
I bought an Bushnell Elite 3200 a week ago and sent it back after it went bad on the 20th shot. Everything about the scope was satisfactory for my 30-30 except the lifespan.

So I have been trying to find a scope or sights that will get me further than my stock iron sights have, (400 yards,) and I really have no idea how good any of the scopes are, and I don't have any clue as to what most of the sights even are.

I was thinking that $200 would get me a halfway functional scope but I am hoping $300 is going to do the trick now.

Does anyone know of a durable scope for $300 or less?


And I would like it to have a 1" tube so I can use the new scope mounts I bought for it.
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If you want a variable power look at the Nikon buckmasters you should be able to find the 6-18x for 300 or less. It's tough to beat in a variable power in that price range.
I wouldn't judge all Bushnell Elites by one bad scope.All brands of scopes can fail,some more than others.I have two 4200's and two 3200's and they have been holding up well on a 300WSM,7mag and two 270Win. rifles.I think they track well,have great clarity and hold zero as good as anything in their price range.I also have a Zeiss Conquest and I really cannot say it's any better than the Elites.
Burris Fullfield II- or similar - this is a solid scope, it holds up well, has great glass, and will take a pounding, I’ve had mine for a year on a sporter class rifle that I get a lot of use out of,, actually over winter I was working at the range and had the Burris FF II, and it was low light, sun had been down for a while and the dark was beginning to cut any kind of range vision, but looking thru the Burris was like looking thru a tunnel of light, I swear the light collecting ability on this thing was excellent, I could still see bullet holes at 200.

The Bushnell 3200 should also be good too, I’m not sure what went wrong, but I know 99.5 times out of 100 that scope is rock solid. Maybe if they would have replaced it I don’t think youda had a problem from there.. but Iknow what you mean, once it goes bad, you cant get the bad taste from your mouth.

Check out Zeiss Conquest also, may run you a few extra bucks but it’s a good scope for the price.. also heard good things on the Sightron SII..

Good luck
When my refund check gets here I will just buy another 3200. I am not finding any information that lends me to believe $100 more is going to buy me durability.

I hope it was a fluke. :/
For $350 a nikon Monarch 4-16x42SF has clearer glass and a lifetime warranty and a great reputation on this forum. Are they as tough as Luepold? Few scopes are, but I would be willing to bet they are much tougher than the 3200.
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