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Jan 17, 2004
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I have new lupy STD rings for my win ation. Is it REALLY that important to have the rings lapped? The scope I will be getting lupy 6.5x20 long range will get me to 1k. Im shooting 300 wsm. Keeping factory 24" barrle for now. If I get heaver longer barrle later for more speed, distance then I'll get tapered base and bigger rigs. Just trying to save pennys where I can.
Never heard that before! Nightforce will not warranty the scope if there are ring marks on it? What if nightforce rings are used? Of cource I have never had a scope slip, or have rings leave ring marks on them.
I have seen many 1" Leupold target and tactical scopes with nasty crushed ridges on them from over-tightening scope rings. You would not believe how easy that is to do. Have also seen many scopes with single lines where the edges of scope rings marked them, makes a lot of sense the way scope ring makers leave such sharp edges on the fricken scope rings. Burris and Sako have the right fix with their little plastic inserts, they do not damage scopes ever in my experience.

Matter of fact I have a brand new 6.5-20 EF that I did the nasty to myself - was just cranking it "snug" and did not have a torque screwdriver, thought it would be OK as I only used the little allen wrench that came with the MK4 rings. Loosened the rings to torque them with a proper tool and found that I had made a permanent indentation where the rings sat. Only cosmetic damage on this scope, it is a legacy to stupidity. I bit the bullet shortly after and bought a very expensive torque screwdriver from MAC and have never done it again. I believe you could booger operation of the variable power ring and maybe even internal stuff if you over-dabbed tightening rings. Marty from Badger told me that 16 inch pounds sucking down four torx screws is ample to hold any scope - he is right as usual.
littletoes, I didn't say Nightforce wouldn't warranty scopes with ring marks on them, but if you don't lap your rings you might risk your warranty. Just relaying their words. I have a Nightforce NXS on a 50bmg, It does need to be mounted FIRMLY to the receiver. I'm using Badger Max50 rings that are 1" wide and have 6 screws each ring. These wide rings require a bit more care. I still say lap your rings, you won't regret it
Not me, I have my Badgers mounted on a Badger rail. Marty says not to lap, so I ain't lapping. You grind out a round hole, you get an eccentric hole, plain and simple. I suppose when using cheaper rings there may be a problem, but with $100+ rings, those guys BETTER know what they are talking about, and I think Marty knows his ****. He's even tired of arguing with folks. Can't says I blame him.
Ian- don't forget Kelby. They use aluminum inserts.
Skidy-how in the heck do you guys get used to the kick of the big fifty? That must be one heck of a wallup. I'm not recoil shy, but if I was to shoot a 50, it would have to weigh over 100 lbs.
I would have to add also, that if we are talking about true custom guns, such as the bench guys are using, with custom actions, then yes I would lapp. But I would also have the base trued with the action to insure that the optics were centered. Rings are lapped to insure better scope/rings contact, but I think centering the optics would be something good to consider also.

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