Scope mounting saga

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Jul 19, 2003
Thought I'd give a report on my scope mounting job. (Leupold VX2 6X18X40-T)

I used many suggestions (modified some of them) from the 'net and ended up with a satisfying result.

I used a 15" length of 1" steel pipe with some Brasso metal polish and lapped off the high spots on the top and bottom rings. I didn't go too far with this - just enough where I thought I'd made substantial improvement.

I then lightly mounted the scope and found my best eye relief and marked this position with a small piece of masking tape on the scope tube.

Time to use the cheap ($14.00) "Gunsmith's Vise" I got from Mid South that is set up on a length of 2X6.

I set it on the floor in my basement with the rifle clamped in it. Used a 6 inch bubble level across the bottom half of the front ring. I also used a one foot level to make sure I was level front to back.

A little shimming around and re-clamping ensued until I was sure the rifle was sitting square and level.

Then I determined, with a 4 foot carpenter's level, that a door jamb about 25 feet away was plumb.
(will wonders never cease? I'd read about hanging a plumb string from the ceiling, if necessary)

I then carefully set the scope in the rings and lightly installed the top ones - with the scope on my tape mark.

I looked through the scope at the jamb and rotated it a little until the vertical reticle bar and the door jamb were "one".

Carefully cross-tightened the top rings and was done. Looks perfect!

Okay ...

Then I went upstairs and opened the back patio door and set the clamped rifle on my den floor, looking out to my utility building. I then went and thumbtacked an orange coffee can lid low on the shed and went back inside.

Bolt out - I chambered a primerless case. Peering through the primer flash hole and down the barrel I found the lid. Nervously, I raised my head and checked the cross hairs.

Luck was with me, it was close enough to avoid a lot of windage and shimming. A little cranking of the Leupold's target knobs and I was there.

I'll fire a 50 yard round tomorrow to establish things and then move to the 100 yard bench and fine tune.

Thanks to all who helped me!

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The ingenuity of the American gunowner never ceases to amaze me. Your story has just saved me several frustrating hours at the range and probably three dozen rounds. Thanks.
Another great trick is after you have mounted the scope, put up a fairly large piece of cardboard at 25 yards (couple of feet square with a dot for an aiming mark). Fire a shot and at that distance you are almost certain to get a hit somewhere. Then reposition the rifle with the crosshairs on the dot and without moving the rifle, get someone to move your crosshairs over to the bullet. You are now sighted in at 25 yards. You can do this again at 100. Saves a lot of time and ammo.
Time at the range is only frustrating if you can't hit the flunkin' paper to save your tokhus. Other than that, the question as to whether to have sex or go shooting is a toughie.
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