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    Nov 27, 2011
    doing research for my first LR rifle. it's actually going to be somewhat of a trainer and 3-500 yard whitetail/coyote rifle. the idea is to build something i can comfortable and economically get a lot of trigger time with, and still be a sub-10lb all up hunting rifle. i have a LA 25.06 i'm going to build off of, so something like maybe a 25-06AI, 6.5-06AI etc that brass doesn't cost a fortune for.

    likely going with a vortex viper pst, and wouldn't mind having some built in MOA in a rail, but i'm not 100% sure how that works, or if i even need it. the Vortex PST seems to have a lot of adjustment built in.

    my question is, is there some one piece rail/base and ring "standards"? i know of a few makers, but sometimes there are products that are widely accepted by experienced shooters as being a lot of bang for the buck, etc etc.

    anybody have any input on this?