Scope mount installation/cleaning advice needed.


Oct 16, 2018
West Coast
Hey folks,

I just purchased a Sako A7 RoughTech Stainless, Leupold VX3 and Talley one piece alloy rings.

I purchased a Wheeler scope mount kit, bore sighting kit and plan on installing the scope myself.

The rifle has previously had a scope mounted with locktite. What would you guys recommend cleaning the screw holes on the receiver, screws and bottom of scope bases with prior to installing with blue locktite 242?

I was thinking of using isopropyl “rubbing” alcohol. Then let dry for 5 minutes, apply locktite 242 to screw threads and install bases. I do not plan on cleaning or applying locktite to the top rings as they do not go in my rifle receiver. Should I apply some oil around the cleaner screw holes to prevent. Rust under the scope mount bases?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using the alignment tools on the rings to ensure they are perfectly in line. I have been told the Talley rings do not need hand lapping, so using the alignment tools should prove this.

Thank you again. I appreciate the help in advance.
I usually run the screws down a couple of times trying to break any of the old locktite up/loose before I install the base. Would not use oil on any of the base/ring screws. If it looks like the rifle action is rusty then I'd oil it good, maybe use light steel wool to bust up that surface rust but wipe the excess oil off.
When it comes to applying L/T, "a dab'l do ya" is about right. Doesn't take much.
Hope all goes good for you. johnnyk.
For cleaning the screw holes on the receiver, I use a QTip with alcohol or acetone. Usually have to remove some of the cotton on the QTip. But try for a tight fit.

Like Johnnyk says, don't put or get any oil on the action threads or screws!

I do use a thin layer of oil under the bases to help ****** rust on the action. But don't get it in the threads.

I actually started putting loctite around the head of the screw instead on on the threads. It holds just as good and you don't have loctite down in the action threads...
If you don't have a flat bottom tap, just run screws up & down, as suggested. I use acetone on a pipe cleaner to remove any debris and degrease the holes and screws. I suggest you use loktite on both base and rings. Far easier to clean screws and holes than have rings slip and mark your scope up. If you upgrade your scope, later on, it'll bring more $ with no ring rash.
Thank you everyone for the great advice. I plan on using your ideas this weekend to mount my scopes. I found some 99% isopropyl alcohol that I plan on using with pipe cleaners for the screws and screw holes.

I will apply a thin layer between base bottoms and receiver top to help rust proof and be sure not to get in screw holes.

Thank you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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