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Jul 27, 2001
Any of the scopes you mentioned will do the job. Depends on which is clearest for your eyes. I use Elite scopes and really like them. However, they will need to be shimmed inorder to make it out that far - no big deal. Good things have also been said about Sightron, Nikon Monarch, Pentax lightseekers. All of these cost a bunch less and will still serve your purpose.

You also might not be able to use mag much over 16X in the summer as mirage would make higher mag useless. That again depends on your conditions.

If you can, take any/all of these scopes outside and see if you can "see" a pop can size object at the ranges you want to shoot at around 12 to 16X. That will tell if it is clear enough and useable in the heat. Mechanically, all of these will work.

dakotasin, wow!

If you expect to hit a 3" wide target at 1000 yards in that South Dakota wind in the midday mirage with any kind of regularity, you're going to need a rock-solid setup with no erector tube slop (not to mention an absolutely fantastic rifle, extremely disciplined handloading method, great form, tons of practice, etc).

You know, the more I type, the less I think I have anything valuable to say here.

I mean, I couldn't even see, let alone aim at, let alone hit, prarie dogs past 600 or so yards after the sun was up when I was there using my 22x or 15x Nightforce.

I'm stumped. Mach V, you're the PD expert. Whaddya say, man?

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stl- you make it sound impossible!

i've broken 600 yards. right now i'm working on 800, but am having a lot of trouble, and i think the scope is the limiting factor here. the cartridge might also be a problem, but one thing at a time, right??

the cartridge is a 308 win, and the gun does wear a 20 moa base... i have no problem bumping up to a 30 or 40, but i don't think those will be necessary.

ahh, the wind... yeah, a perpetual problem, here, that's for sure... i tell ya though, i learn more in a single day on a dog town about wind doping than anything i've read tried to teach me. my biggest learning experience: took a 22-250 out one very windy (30-35 mph) day. by the end of the day, i was hitting 'dogs in the 480 yard range... learned a lot that day.

anyway, back to scopes...
Sorry man! I just don't see how you're gonna do it with any regularity.

Can you hit one every once in a great while? Sure, but like I say, if you're saying you can't shoot early or late (for little wind, no mirage), and you're shooting a .308...

Really, I sincerely do wish you the best, and I honestly do wait with great anticipation for your first post on a 1000 yard dog! And when you can hit three per day at a 1000, you have to promise to teach me to do it, OK!
no, i can shoot early or late... i'm just saying that, unlike deer movements, i am not restricted to 'prime time'.

i am considering a re-chamber, but wanted to get the scope hammered out first. thinking 7 wsm (got enough 7 rem mags, time for something new to mess around w/), but haven't put a lot of thought into it because i want the scope situation resolved first.
i need some help, so i thought i might get some valid input here on scopes.

i'm trying to make a 1000 yard prairie dog (they don't make 'chucks out here). i think i have a capable rifle. i think i have capable loads. i don't think i have the scope for it.

so, i went scope shopping the other day. compared a burris black diamond (32x), swarovski (18x), leupold (25x), and zeiss (20x). i didn't like the burris or the swaro. so, that leaves me w/ leupold and zeiss. are either of these scopes going to have a distinct advantage over the other for seeing/shooting a dog at 1000? what about reticles?

there is a shop 90 minutes or so from me that carries nightforce. but, they do not carry zeiss, so i can't do a direct comparison.

also, the bushnell 4200 (24x i think) was reccomended to me by someone who ought to know. how is this going to stack up to the others?

i live and shoot in an area where 1000 yards is possible, but hard to come by. meaning that at this time, 1500 yards and more is out of the question - is a non-issue.

also, since we are talking 'dogs, there is no crack of dawn shooting, or twilight shooting, so the brightness of a scope is a non-issue (if scopes in the $800+ range have brightness issues).

1000 yard prairie dog is the objective. what scope do i want???
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