Scope height relevancy on LR rigs.??

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Hey guys.. I know why low bore-to-scope heights are desireable on short range, flat shooting rigs but what about on the LR rigs.?? With tapered bases, clicking things in and/or holdover reticles I'd think it less relevant except for cheek positioning issues.. Would it really matter if the NF is .5" or so off the top of the barrel.?? Whatchyathink.?? JiNC

On my LR Rigs I get the adjustable thumb wheel cheek piece installed on my McMillan Stocks. The cheek weld is important to me as not to get extreme verticle stringing. With the adjustable cheekpiece I can raise it to the same point everytime for that same sight picture...
trouble is .. i just cost myslef more money .. Iam so used to this that when I get behind a rifle that doesn't have it.. I feel lost...

I also have a scope mounted a bit high, .832" too high. Besides the cheekweld issue and it looks like a carry handle, I don't see any other issues. The scope clears the bolt handle with plenty of room to spare for rapid cycling without hitting the scope eyepiece. (Never know and might run into a bunny or PD family at 900 yards?) The scope is raised up above the muzzlebreak, or at least these can be my excuse as to why the scope is mounted high. Personally it just looks odd and is probly more susceptable to damage, either by handling or torque forces.... I will find out sooner or later.

It works the other way around.

1" above the bore = 18.8MOA at 1000 yds in my 6.5/300 Weatherby

2.5" above the bore= 17.5 MOA at 1000 yards

Check the ballistics charts.

The higher the scope above the bore, the more MOA you obtain and the less clicks you will use at the extended ranges.

The higher you are above the bore means your optical line crosses the bullet path line, "further out". This allows for a few less clicks to the extended distance.
Not a huge difference but, a difference.

Bear's thinking about on a tactical rig, the higher you have to stick yer head up the more of a target you present, on a LR rig it just means factoring in the height, me i like the scope as low as is possible, Badger Ord Picatinny with 20moa can't and the 1" high 34mm rings hold the S&B PMII just right, not too high not to low. enough elevation to get 1000m with a 308.
I really don't give a thought to the height, I care more about having a good solid mounting system, if that puts the scope higher than the normal 1.5" above bore so be it. The height can be factored into the ballistic program and the height of the comb can be adjusted to match. My 10FP does not have an adjustable cheek piece but a small piece of GI sleeping mat under the Eagle stock pack gives me a perfect cheek weld. Just my .02, and that's about all it's worth.

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