Scope for tikka t3x

4-16 would be on the high end for that type of hunting. I’m in WV and have hunted at those ranges for years with things in the 3-10 range.
Well, I have gone to a number of high power scopes recently, but in my 70 years of hunting, high power is over rated unless you are varmint hunting. I used a fixed 4x on a 30-06 most of my life taking big game to over 400 yards.
Now with 2-12x and 3-15x scopes on a number of my guns I rarely turn up passed 9x. If you only sit in a blind to hunt, the higher powers are fine, but if you do a lot of walking, low power light weight scopes are better IMO.
I hunt in Colorado dark timber mostly and the lower the power, the faster the target acquisition. I also like an illuminated dot because my eye is instantly drawn to it.
Enjoy your Tikka! Great choice!
Based on your yardage I would not be looking at any higher power levels than 10x. With a variable power scope you can increase power for longer shots, if needed. Always keep your scope turned down to a low level for those “surprise” close shots. You won’t have time to adjust your power down. With a long shot you will have time to make adjustments in power.
Hey there, was wondering which scope you think is better for the tikka T3x.

The vortex diamondback 4-16x44 or the 6-24x50.

I just bought my first hunting rifle, having never still hunt deer before. Wondering if it will be hard to see out of the 4-16x44. Or the 6-24x50 will be too big?
I have both scopes.Id go with 6-24.I don't use FFP Scopes for hunting myself.I use FFP optics in ELR Competition shooting.That my 2 cents.It really depends of your hunting area and weight.If your shooting past 600 yds I'd definitely go with 624.If 500 and closer the 4-16.
I have a Leupold 6.5-20×44 on my Browning White Gold Medallion .It is in 7mm Rem.Mag.Im planning on rebarreling it to a 7PRC.
I understand if you are on a budget limit but don’t overlook used scopes. You can get a lot more for less in used market.
.308. In the next few years probably 100-300 yards, however in the future I do plan to extend that number up to 600 yards.

3-9 Burris with BP............makes life easy. At this time you're shooting to 300 yards, your basis 4X or 6x will cover that just fine.

9x is plenty of gas to take you to 600 as well!

Second choice would be the 3-9 Trijicon Credo with mil dots
for the extra $50 I would do the 6-24X50, you get the same scope, but more glass. Vortex is lifetime warranty. While the zoom is not needed, the extra lense size may help you in the low light situations presented while hunting. SC is full of swamp and forest so you will lose your shooting light 15-20 minutes sooner than you would in an open field, that extra lens size will help. You can always back the zoom down but I would grab the biggest lens possible. Its better to have and not need vs need and not have.

Yes it is a little overkill on a .308 and the 4-16 will fill the need just fine. I just think that the trade price difference is so small its a 'why wouldn't you?' situation.

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