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Oct 6, 2009
I intend to purchase a new variable power scope (in the 5-6 x 20-25 power) in January and have been perusing the various sites for information. I've been a Leupold fan for more years than I care to count but I came across a website that provided a scope comparison chart. Interestingly they stated up front that they are not sponsored by any particular manufacturer and their comparisons are based on various blind "taste" tests, ergo covering scopes from various manufacturers and having known shooting experts look through the scopes and give their opinions on the brightest, clearest, best smelling etc. With that said they rated the scopes in this order Zeiss, Sightron, Trijicon, Nikon, Leupold, Burris and Bushnell. I agree with the fact that all the listed scopes have had a fairly significant price increase, but not having the opportunity or resources to purchase each one and compare them on the range, I am curious as to whether ya'll agree or disagree with their opinion. I am not opposed to buying something other than a Leupold. Quite frankly, I'm not sure that the higher rated or better. I know nothing about Sightrons which are rated 2nd overall. What do you think?
The rating seems awful vague. Which models are they comparing from each brand? Or are they rating the brands 'overall'?
That is about half of the scopes that are in the power you are looking for and it is half of the good ones, note I HAVE 6 leupolds
The rating seems awful vague. Which models are they comparing from each brand? Or are they rating the brands 'overall'?


Got a Raptor from Horus Vision. Absolutely love it and Horus Vision customer service was good.

Find what suits you and go with it.
The ratings I submitted from the website were by brand for overall value. The various scopes are further evaluated by price range, high to low. The ratings are also based on customer feedback. I'm somewhat surprised that Leupold was rated 5th overall. I'm not familiar with Horus Vision but I'll add them to my list.
Can you shoot us the website link? I'd like to take a look at it and then maybe be able to give feedback.
After reviewing the website it looks like the Guide is limited to scopes they not too sure how independent a study. Having said that I'm sure it can serve a useful purpose but, keep in mind there could be other scopes not listed since they don't sell them.
What, is that a joke? Go to "" and look at scope reveiws for info
Sp6x6, the gentleman is asking for feedback with respect to the info contained in a specific scope comparison guide he found on the web. As far as reviews on this scope or that, one can find lots of meaningful and independent feedback from member right here on LRH and I'm confident the gentleman knows that. Have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring all you hoped for.:)
Interesting that predictability/repeatability of clicks wasn't tested. Kind of important to LRH. Maybe not a big deal to most after their scope is 'sighted in' they might not be making any more dial adjustments short of a few clicks with different ammo next year. Also quite a few brands not in the test.
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