scope choice need help?


Jan 28, 2004
Okay here's the situation guy's, I need to purchase a scope for a New Savage 116FVSS 300 win mag. I have used Bausch & lomb scopes in the past and love them. I will be using this for mostly long range deer hunting. so I would like a bullet compensator type crosshair. I was wondering what leatherwood scopes are like.
Or sheperd or ATN. what would you guy's pick. I want the brightest because I hunt in poor light conditions.
IOR 2.5-10x42, with MP8 reticle. Possibly illuminated, if you like lit reticles.
Heavy duty, great glass, easy to work reticle..sakofan..I dont feel you can beat this quality of scope for the buck$.

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I just ordered a Burris Signature 4x16 with Ballistic mildot.
I also shoot the 300 win mag.
It has aiming reference points built in for drop in the reticle and a mildot on top of the reticle for estimating ranges.

With 165-168gr bullets at 3400fps the 6 drop crosshair lines in the reticle are just about spot on out to 500 yards if I 0 at 120 yards.
The 600 line is actually 625 and the 700 line is closer to 800.
Using those yardage reference points I am never more than 10 yards off any of the sighting reference lines all the way out to 800 yards.

At least that is according to the math.
I will have to check them out in the field once I get the scope in two weeks.

I think this scope will be much easier to use at longer ranges than the straight mildot scope I am using now.
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