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JB Short

Dec 28, 2010
My rifle is a savage in 270 WSM, I have a leupold VXIII 3.5-10 scope and I want to be able to shoot to 600 yrds, will a standard set of bases work? Should I just get a 1 piece with built in elevation for when I want to shoot longer? Of course then I will be switching scopes also.
the vari x 111 3.5x10 is a very good scope for your intended use.
im assuming it has the standard coin type adjustments.
i would reccomend sending the scope to leupold and having target type knobs installed. about $150 cost.
that way you can zero your rifle at say 100 yards, then simply add elevation to the scope for longer distances.
you would also need a drop chart for your rifle which would give you the information you would need for that.
you have all you need except the target knobs and the drop chart.
and of coarse lots of practice.

I did a quick lookup on one commercial load for 270 WSM with a 140gr bullet and it requires 13.75 MOA elevation adjustment and 8.25 MOA for a 10mph wind at 600 yds.

Another load showed 9.25 MOA elevation and 3.75 MOA windage at 600 yds.

I don't know if I'm looking at the correct model number for your scope. But, the following url shows specs for a VX-3 3.5-10x50mm...

Leupold || VX-3 3.5-10x50mm

The model I looked at in the above url has a 1 inch tube with 57 MOA of elevation adjustment. Half of that adjustment will be up and half down. So, you should be able to come up about 28 MOA before you bottom out which would get you to about 800 yds with that first ammo and severly limit your windage adjustment which is increasingly important at longer ranges.

So, you could probably shoot to 600 yds just fine with standard bases. But, a 20 MOA base will give you extended range and I've observed no disadvantages with 20 MOA bases on all of my rifles.

I prefer EGW one piece picatinny 20 MOA rails and Burris Tactical Elite Rings as a reasonably priced option of good quality. These also make the scopes easily interchangeable between rifles.

Removing and replacing the scope on the same rifle won't give you an exact zero. But, it'll be close enough that only one or 2 shots will be required to re-zero. Changing rifles may or may not require bore sighting. But, you will definitely have to sight in your rifle. In either case, you may never have to re-adjust your rings once set up correctly.

Hope this helps and curious to hear what others think.
Incidentally, I agree with yobuck on all counts.

I just see no disadvantage to 20 MOA bases if the scope isn't already mounted and you need to purchase something.
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