scope and software for Iphone, not true(!) MOA

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  1. garfield

    garfield Active Member

    Jul 15, 2010

    I have a question from a newbie me :)

    I have the FTE software for my Itouch

    ...and cheapo chrony for the speed, and a kestrel for temp, press.etc but not so important right now

    and a scope elite 4200 tactical

    and for 2 times, (only), I shot at 840 yards

    but the software FTE tell me 15.5 moa

    but, for me 14 moa was the best

    I don't know...and I read this article

    Setting Up Your Long Range Scope

    and some post on this forum, and one wrote 7% over the true MOA for his tactical 4200 scope

    how I can change this setup into my software FTE?

    or, the option is to change the speed higher or change the BC for better?

    maybe I should change for the nighforce software as shawrn C. (338egde) to change this value as he show on this DVD :rolleyes:

    please, please, and re-please, I don't want an answer like this

    ..or get a better scope

    thank you again

  2. foreign

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    Jun 26, 2008
    i have balistic for my itouch. if its the same i think close the program, go into settings and scroll down until you find fte and then open i that and you might have the option in there to change click value for your scope. im pretty sure i can. then you just have to do some shooting at 100 and work out your click value
  3. nitrousmudbogger

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    Feb 6, 2011
    I would make sure your settings are correct in the program first. What are you plugging in? Is the ballistic coefficent the G1 or G7 that you are using for your bullet? If you still suspect the scope I would shoot at 100,200,300,400, etc and adjust it for each. If you see it gradually getting more off might be the program if it jumps around might be the scope?
  4. garfield

    garfield Active Member

    Jul 15, 2010
    thank you for your help

    for FTE
    yes I can change for «custom» for the «elevation units» instead MOA,
    «enter a custom click value»

    but, I don't find anything for my 9% over (14moa/15.5moa)

    for G1 or G7
    I use G1 (bc=.505) because Nosler don't have anything else, no?

    I use 175 compet. nosler

    Also, I find this articles

    reading for this weekend

    again thank you for your help
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  5. garfield

    garfield Active Member

    Jul 15, 2010
  6. SBriggs

    SBriggs Active Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Hey Foreign
    I have Ballistic fte for my I phone and it works great when set to using ballistic!
    What I found was that the ranges i thought i was shooting at where wrong!
    The more I shot and the more i used the closer it got!
    Now it is bang on! I also use the G7 coefficent!

    Scott B
  7. groper

    groper Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2008
    There is nothing wrong with the software, its works brilliantly when accurate data is entered into it and would have to be one of the best ballistic calculators available. Its only as good the data you give it tho- garbage in garbage out...

    The BC of that bullet isnt appropriate to use as an average for a long range trajectory, youll have to find a more approprite number prefereably an average G7 BC.
    Choronies can have significant error, check it against a few other chronies and see if there is a large discrepancy between them.
    Make certain your zero is dead center AND the distance of your zero is also exact.
    Same goes for the target, make sure your distances are exact.
    Measure your bore to scope height accurately, center to center.
    Measure your scope tracking by shooting a group @ 100yds, then dialling at least 25MOA elevation and shoot another group on a tall target. measure group center to center to get your scope tracking error and work out your "custom click value"

    Theres probably more things to check, but that should get you pretty damn close...