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Waiting on Swift's new 6.5mm Scirocco to use as a long range hunter in my 6.5-284 and was wondering how any of you have found their accuracy in other calibers? How about their terminal performance?
DBS I have used them in 7mm RUM with great sucess on paper. Only game shot was a large 6 pt bull at 556 yards. The Bullet hit dead center shoulder and exited through the off side shoulder. Needless to say he took his last step. I hadn't heard they were coming with a 6.5mm. My new 6.5 284 should be done in a couple weeks. When are the bullets due out?
I just used them for the first time in my new .300 RUM this weekend. The range was limited to only 100yds. I key-holed every group of three I shot. I'll continue to use them.
Budman, I spoke with Swift again this morning, the 6.5 Scirocco at 130 grains will be available around the end of July.
I did a lot of load developement for a
friend's 300um with 180gr scirocco's,they
shoot extremely well but you must sort by
weight,every lot I tried varied 3 to 5gr.
as far as performance 3 one shot kill's
1deer,1elk 1moose.
I have great experience with 210grs. scirrocco's in my 338 RUM.
They group (3 shots) under 1/2moa in 990m/s.
They also hold together nicely. I've killed a roedeer and a beaver with the load.
On moose i use 225grs A-frame's.
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