Schmidt & Bender Zentih series-- anyone see one yet?


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Jan 26, 2004
I was curious if anyone has or has seen the S&B zenith series scopes. How do they compare with their standard line of variables? Are the zentih's supposed to be better optically??

What makes them better/different than the "standard" (Already very expensive and good optically) variables?
The Zeniths are compacter and a little modernised as far as the magnification control is concerned, they have a more rounded objective bell. They are simply the next line of hunting scopes from S&B. you might get a little more light through when compared to the older series, but i doubt your human eye could notice it.
eitherway, if you but a S%B you are buying the best in optical quality and can't go wrong.
Me, well personaly i don't like the shape of the zenith, i'd go for the PMII or the slighly older shape. but thats just personal preference.
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