Scalpers are out of control

jerry moore

Feb 19, 2019
carthage n c 28327
You got a point here, can hardly call it greed in an auction sale...still very alarming though, that there are people with money floating around with this lack of discretion as to the value of things. It makes things tricky for ordinary folks when those for whom money is no object do things like this.
i am talking about
we can complain about free markets, price gouging, unethical behavior, etc. but don’t dare criticize the current administration. You will get personally attached. Watch out. Oh the irony.
Listen. You can’t come here with logical arguments. Socialism is the new 4 letter word and One of the candidates is using it as a scare tactic, when half the people don’t understand we already live in mixed economy with elements of both.
you are right but we sure don't need anymore in my opinion


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Oct 21, 2020
2, just my observation, it's not the present administration limiting components. It's the prospect of a different and unfriendly administration which is driving the shortage. Some members here were foresighted enough to see the possibility of this coming and make key purchases prior to the panic. I assure you if an alternate administration takes over next year, you'll be crying for the present administration's policies on firearm regulations.
This has been happening since before Obama was first elected in '08. As a lifelong gun owner from the south, I will say that many gun owners (and southerners) are not that bright, and easy to scare. Their politics have been controlled through fear mongering for at least a generation. This is nothing new....


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Jan 20, 2010
A little south of Cowtown
You have a great outlook; however, tell that to the people who ran out of toilet paper, who would have known we'd run out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, paper towels, latex gloves!!!!!!!! Maine there was all the toilet paper that I diarrhea ward used in a 10 year period, so.................where did the shortage come from????? The shortage came from capitalism at its finest!!

I come close on the toilet paper, I was down to my last roll before I could find some. Not anymore! I probably have a years worth now.
I don't ever recall paper products ever being a top crisis product, but all the soccer mom's changed that thought.


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Jan 16, 2016
Hot Springs, Ar
The “problem” with this is that these idiots are buying up bulk loads of powder, primers and ammo that is now not available to the average person. Free market my [email protected]@. These are just profiteers, nothing more nothing less.


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Feb 8, 2013
I always keep picking up a little at a time , gun shows on site and ordering what I need before I get short . This hoarding or workers buying up ammo and reloading supplies is wrong. Profiteering May be free enterprise but it’s still low life activity . JMO


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