Saw a new cartidge today...



I was at the Bloomsburg Shaw, just for a quick trip around. Stopped at the Hart Booth. Saw a catridge that look like a 338-50 cal. I could be wrong. had the attention of alot of guys never really got a good look at it. I was wondering if anyone who knows some of the Hart guys what this new one was.
Not my cup of tea but may interest someone
Was it the R. W. Hart folks?

I believe they've had that thing around for a while. If it's the one I'm thinking of it was an overbore experiment or a "gotcha" prop I can't remember.

How long a barrel would you guess that thing would need to be effective?
Dave and Ric

It is a 338/50 Spotter round.

I had the chance to shoot one once several years ago. It didn't do what my 338/416 will do mainly because the one I shot was on a Hart barrel and was only 30" long. That needs around 40" of barrel to half way perform well.

Some of the guys experimenting with them also used frontal ignition (a steel tube threaded down thru into the flashhole with the top end about half way up the powder column)- this tube took up a lot of powder room and the charges had to be compressed a lot to get the performance out of this case. I know of one person that has been playing with this case for about 15 years, but from the velocities he was getting I think Darryl is right the 338/416 will beat it.
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