savage weather warrior


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Sep 23, 2012
i need help to find a tactical stock (a4-a5 similair) for a savage weather warrior in long action! i am also wondering if anyone knows a good place to get a 264 win mag barrel for the same gun.
Kevin Rayhill of Stockade is the man to talk to about a stock, go to the stockade web page and lood at the prarie dog/tactical stock, then a adjustable buttplate and cheek piece can be added along with a rail upfront if needed. The only others are McMillan and Manners unless you want a bulky ugly Choate. You can give Jim at Northland Shooters Supply a shout for the barrel or Fred at 4D reamer rentals, Jim has CBI, Shilen, and McGowen, Fred just carries CBI and McGowen. Good luck.
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