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Jul 11, 2022
Fort Worth Tx
I am in the process of assembling a Savage 110 long action in 300 WM. I am waiting on a few more components to arrive and I am tossing around ideas for a stock for this rifle. This will be a hunting rifle and i'm not wanting to use a chasis stock. A traditional wood or fiberglass, hopefully in the $300 dollar range. A stock that would work with AICS mags would be nice but a blind mag would work. I realize options are a bit limited so this may be a bit tough?
North Idaho Hunter here on LRH is a rep for J/A Outdoors and is a huge source of knowledge and information.
The newest accu-fit accu-stocks are totally adequate for hunting, in my opinion. There are also color options for the stocks to coordinate with the remainder of the rifle.
Simple answer is you're looking at Bell and Carlson or Boyd's for a stock in that price range. You might find a factory Accustock as well, and would probably be the best bet to stay under $300. Stocky's will have a CF stock if you're willing to double your budget.

I see NIH posted, as that'll probably be the most affordable. However, he linked SA ACIS bottom metal. If you search his site he has the LA.
Stocky's would be my first search. One of the better selections. I'll have to check out J&A Outdoors. I need a new stock for a similar rifle. Same caliber.
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I bought one from these folks , it was nicely done .

Never used it though , still have it .

The Boyd’s Pro varmint is a fantastic stock. I have it on my Mosin Nagant Sporter. The fit and feel of it is beautiful. The forearm fits the hand great and the grip is perfect. It comes in laminated woods and in just black. I went the just black and gave it the Krylon touch. Just my 2¢


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Here is a Savage 116 that I built into a 300 WM. X-Caliber barrel, Savage magnum contour, fluted, 21", in a Bell and Carlson stock. While it isn't a blind mag, it does work very well. I just went on a Nilgai hunt in South TX and carried this gun around the whole 3.5 days. Had a Dead Air Nomad suppressor on it. It carried very well and both me and my best friend took a bull and a cow Nilgai with it.

It no longer has the Vortex scope on it. It wears a Burris Veracity now and the Vortex went to the Ruger American in 6.5 Gren.

My only complaint is that the sling swivel studs are not very tight and in order to get them tight, you have to turn them past perpendicular to the stock. I fixed that with a bit of hot melt glue.


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