Savage Short Action Scope Mount

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    May 14, 2013
    Earlier this year I purchased a new one piece "HD Savage Short Action Round Back 0 MOA [80300]" scope base from EGW for my Savage Model 11 308. When I tried to install it on my rifle I found that mounting holes did not line up correctly. The 2 back or the 2 front holes were properly spaced in relation to themselves, but middle screw hole spacing between the front and back screw holes were off.
    The middle spread on the EGW rail was 3.925" and the middle spread on my Savage rifle was 3.943".
    I called Savage and they said they measured the middle spread spread to be 3.923" on one of their Savage SA rifles, which means my rifles scope mount holes were off by 0.020".
    I ended up sending my rifle back to Savage TWICE trying to get this issue fixed and in the end (Long story and 3 months later), Savage ended up replacing my one piece EGW Scope base with a Ken Ferrell one piece picatinny style scope base that has a middle hole spread of 3.941"

    Now here's my question, why do all the EGW scope bases for Savage SA (Round Back) have a middle hole spread of 3.925" and all the Ken Farrell scope bases for Savage SA have a middle spread spacing of 3.941"? Savage Arms told me the middle spread distance should be 3.923", which would lead me to believe the EGW base should fit correctly, but in my case the Ferrell base fit and the EGW did not. Has any one else come across this issue before? :rolleyes: