Savage model numbers????


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Jul 14, 2007
Mt., Id. , SD
Am in the process of trying a Savage. Can anyone point me to what the letters after their model numbers mean or stand for. I've checked the Savage web site and didn't find what I'm looking for. I will have to order this rifle as there is not much available locally and I would like to get what I think I'm ordering. Thanks in advance.
AK - Adjustable Muzzle Brake B - Laminate Stock BT - Laminated Thumbhole Stock
C - Cl ip (Detachable Box Magazine) F - Synthetic Stock G - Hardwood Stock
H - Hinged Fl oorpl ate L - Left Hand ML - Muzzleloader NS - No Sights
P - Police SS - Stainless Steel T - (Rimfire) Peep Sights
V - Long-Range (Heavy Barrel) XP - Package Gun Y - Youth

I copied this out of the 2010 catalog, it may help.
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