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Mar 2, 2020
I’m told bought in 90s. Is there a replacement trigger assembly for this? Thanks in advance!

looks like the old EDGE action predecessor to the AXIS. Rifle Basics and Timney have replacement triggers for them. it is just the trigger not the whole assembly but that is all that is needed is the trigger and springs
It's a Savage Edge (aka Axis) action.
Jard has a complete assembly replacement for them if i recall correctly. Costs north of $200.

Otherwise, you can use Rifle Basix or Timney. As mentioned, not complete assemblies.


If you can find an Axis II trigger.
These are the ones with the blade in the trigger shoe.
Simple swap & somewhat adjustable.

I did a Rifle Basix trigger with a different spring from Wolfe to bring my benchrest build trigger pull down to 8oz.

My friend & i have been liking these actions for custom builds. Especially if we are trying to keep weight down.

The old Axis triggers are replaced with Axis II triggers.

We both use EGW one piece bases with aluminium rings.

One thing to keep in mind for this action is the way the recoil lug is installed. On the Edge, Axis & Axis II actions, the recoil lug is mounted in the stock and sits in a slot between the action & barrel nut.
Not slid over the barrel as a traditional setup.
You need a stock specifically for the Axis.

Or you can do as i did for one and machine the action flat on the front. But it makes the receiver threads rather short.
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