savage model 10 case ejection problems


Jun 2, 2008
hello every one,
i need some sugestions on a problem with my savage model 10
problem : when ejecting a fired case some times the case will eject , most of the time they dont eject and just drop into the reciever and i have to fish it out ( not too handy when shooting a match ).
i have tried to cycle the bolt slow and fast to see if it made a differance and it didnt, i have made sure every thing was clean , tried it with the bolt dry and lightly lubed no change. this rifle has seen about 1000 rounds.
i would appreciate any input thanks
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Your ejector is stuck in the bolt or the spring under the ejector has lost it's spring.

Remove the pin that passes through the side of the lug that the ejector is on (BE WILL lose the spring - but, you will find it under the year).
the ejector is not stuck but i would not dout that the spring has gotten weak the rifle has seen about 1000 rounds i will go ahead and replace the spring
thanks for the info.
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