Savage LRH stock peeling. Update-fixed


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Dec 18, 2012
Charleston, WV
Hey group. I know when I bought my 6.5-284 Savage LRH years ago that many people here had them when I was doing load work. So I’m hoping some here still do. I often saw in threads then about the grippy rubber texture peeling off and I knew mine would eventually. Well, now mine is getting really bad so I’m wondering what you all did with them?? Can you sand it off? Or scrape it off? Or did you just leave it alone? I LOVE the rifle and the way it shoots but it’s starting to feel like a sticky sucker that your kid dropped in the car and you find a month later. Thanks in advance.

This is the only pic I have of the rifle 😂😂


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I called Savage and they replaced the stock when mine did that.
Oh wow I didn’t know that!! Maybe that’s what I need to do. Was it recently? Also did it change the way the rifle shoots. This thing is shooting fantastic right now. I shot these 3 shot groups at 100 yards today with it. No cool down time. The second group put two almost in the same hole and the 6th shot made it a .27” group.


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Update on this. My brand new Savage stock arrived today. Awesome service ! When I told them it was peeling and sent a pic their only question was what address do we send the new one to.


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