Savage Baby!!


Oct 2, 2002
I have set my mind and heart on getting the Savage 12VSS, in .308.

Is this a good rifle/cal. combo for an extremely accurate long range rifle?

Why Savage? Because I witnessed a test infront of me between the Savage 12BVSS and Rem 700P. Guess who won? Savage Baby!

With groups of "consistently" 0.5" and under (out-of-the-box), while the Rem 700P ranged from 1' - .75" - .5". Also the Savage was cheaper and had a rough trigger.

The Savage 12VSS has the SSS trigger preinstalled plus the Choate adjustable stock, which would probably get better groups than the 12BVSS.

Any comments, advices are appreciated as to whether this is a good long range accurate rifle.

BTW, both tests were done by the same guy, he owned those 2 rifles, I don't know what kind of bullets or scopes he used, but I am sure he did a fair test.