Savage 12VSS


Oct 2, 2002
A final advice as to whether I should go ahead and buy the Savage 12VSS?

My setup will include this rifle in .308, and a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X40mm Mil-Dot.

Any comments are appreciated,

( + )Man.
Thanks for all the input guys, I really appreciate all the comments. Something unexpected happend.

I went to my local gunshop, and he told me they can't get Savages, for the past year all the rifles they got from Savage total 6. I live in Canada btw.

I was dissapointed, I really loved that combo. But then he showed me a Winchester Model 70, Havey Varmint, Barrel polished, .308, Tesco Tatical 10X Mil-Dot fixed scope, Versa-Pod bipod, US$300 Case. Never been Shot! The owner left the country for good.

Total cost was $US 950.

I bought it.

I have nooo experience with the Winchester ever! So any comments on this setup I have already, also are they as good shooters as the savage, also accuracy wise?

I have Savage 12VSS, in .308, I also own Remington Sendero, and Remington Varmint Rifles. I give the slight edge to the Remington Varmint Rifle. Don't get me wrong the Savage can shoot. If looks are a consideration, and possibly customizing the rifle down the road, then the Remington takes it hands down.
The .308 is good for punching paper at up to 1000 yards, if you have that much adjustment in your scope. If you are looking to hunt with it your effective range is going to be way under that. If you are looking for something to punch paper with at 1000 yards and a good long range hunting rifle try a .300 RUM. It's also a great platform to build a real long range shooting rifle.

Frank D
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