Savage 110 Ultralight - 28 Nosler - Proof Barrel - ADG Brass


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Jan 6, 2019
Selling this package to make room for another build. Included are all of the components needed to load 28 Nosler (Ex Primers). 40 rounds through the rifle.
I have over $2,500 in the items listed below. Asking $2,250. While I realize I could sell the components for more, I'm not willing to do the Gunbroker thing. If you could find all of this, replacement cost right now would be much more. Great setup for someone wanting a very accurate lightweight rifle in a versatile caliber.

I would very much prefer to not ship all of this stuff. If I have to, we will figure it out. I am in DFW, TX. If you pick it up I will throw in some primers.

The target pictured is of 5 @ 100 yards with factory Hornady Precision Hunter 162 Gr ELD-X

Savage 110 Ultralight - 24" 1:8.5 Twist
Redding Master Hunter Die Set
Redding Bushing (.28
40 Pieces once fired Hornady Brass (Deprimed)
51 Pieces Gunwerks Brass
50 Pieces ADG Brass
10 Rounds of Hornady Precision Hunter 162gr ELX-X
100 Hornady 175gr ELD-X
100 Nosler 175gr Accubond Long Range
95 Berger 168gr VLD Hunting
Caldwell Bipod
Murphy 20 MOA rail
Extreme Hardcore Bolt Handle (factory included)
3 Lbs IRM 7828 SSC *

I loaded 40 rounds for load development, but have not fired them. They are included with the package. Loads are as follows:
20 in Gunwerks Brass with 71gr IMR 7828 SSC. 5 rounds at 15, 30, 45 and 100 thousandths off the lands
20 in ADG Brass with 71gr IMR 7828 SSC. 5 rounds at 15, 30, 45 and 100 thousandths off the lands
Federal GM215 primers in both sets
A pipe burst and got the dies wet a while back. I cleaned them up, just FYI

Posting in Guns For Sale 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpgas well. If that violates the rules let me know.

Scope & Rings are not included in price. Willing to include if so desired for what I have in it.