Savage 110 flatback magazine port to dbm


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Mar 28, 2020
Hull IA
I have a older savage la 110 flatback bdl that I want change over to a dbm with aics magazine. I have a accustock and a accurate mag bottom metal. The magazine won't go all the way in due to the action having material where the back of the mag needs to go. My question is does anyone have a detailed how to on milling the action to accept the mag, or what all has to be done to do this.
Savage long actions were built to action length for the caliber they were destined to be. From 223, to 3006/300WinMag.

A smith with a mill should easily able to extend the action opening to the desired length.

Does the accustock allow the receiver to be bolted in? The lug thickness for an accustock is thinner than an aftermarket recoil lug.
I've got the action milled out to the correct length, and the recoil lug is modified as well as the bedding block it sits against...I actually just figured out my issue today, the Promag magazine is the magnum magazine but it isn't the correct length it's outside length is 3.7 at the feed tower, the magazine I need with the accurate mag bottom metal is the 3.85 outside diameter mag