Savage 110 Elite Precision

I have a Savage EP in 300 PRC and it shoots amazingly well, far better than my skill level. It was filthy inside but nothing a cleaning did not fix and its is incredibly heavy (good thing for a magnum bench rifle). It is definitely not a stalking/hunting rifle but would be fine for shooting out of a blind or shed. It wears a Sig Tango optic and I have no complaints. A proper break in is very advisable.
I have two of them. This is the .223 with the factory barrel. It’s now wearing a Proof. The Proof is more consistent, but the Savage barrel shot more impressive groups! The other is a 300 PRC that will eventually get some other carbon 30” 8 twist. Just needs to go on a diet. handloads in that one using the 245 Berger and VV N570 I think there were 5 different powder charges that put three shots into the ,4’s.


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I can’t comment on Elite Precision rifle, but I have never owned a Savage that I could not easily get to shoot. As long as I do my part behind the gun and in load development I’ve never had any issue attaining .5 MOA without a lot of effort. I purchased an 111 LRH in 7MM Mag when they first came out. This is an exceptionally accurate rifle right out of the box. I am more old school and traditional when it comes to hunting rifles and I personally don’t care for the skeleton stock version! Several more Savage rifles reside in my gun safe and all shoot just as well, but the LRH is probably the last gun I would ever sell off as I age out of the shooting sports.
I own several Savages and have owned a lot of them over the years. I have the 110 Elite Precision in 338 LM. I also own 3 rifles with the MDT ACC chassis (including this one) and love the chassis. To the comment of metal being on a chassis… I agree when it’s too hot or too cold metal can be not quite ideal but in E Idaho summer isn’t usually too hot and you can easily cover the usable metal spots with a few different solutions. My rifle shoots great is quite fun to shoot. I love the weighting system on the ACC as I think I have my rifle up to about 20+ lbs now which helps a lot on recoil from the way it came.

I’ve owned too many savages to say that they all can shoot .5 MOA out of the box… that’s simply not true in my world but I do love the value that I get with the few savages I’m going to keep.

If you hate metal on chassis there are other options… I’ve got several KRG chassis in X-rays and Bravos and there is no exterior metal and they all shoot great.

As far as value goes on the elite Precision, it’s a great value… 1,400 chassis retail and the total is under 2k that’s a solid value IMO.
Given that the action is factory blue printed and already has a few aftermarket goodies like the mdt stock, it should be a really solid option. My only concern is the vertical grip. I've never shot one, but it seems like it'd be uncomfortable. I'm a Savage fan boy, for the record. All my centerfire rifles are Savage actions with Shilen barrels and Timney triggers. We'll, I do have a Rifle Basix trigger on one that needs to be replaced.
The vertical grip is adjustable up to about 15 degrees you can add of forward or rear cant! Or keep straight and move forward or rear to setup trigger pull. Actually very comfortable!
Agreed it should have been cleaned but maybe there was a feed problem or a action seating problem that they had to work out. Could it have been a mistake because of the number of orders and they were short handed. If the FFL saw the problems when you opened the box why did you take possession of it? Clean the barrel use Flitz on the bolt if it's that bad. Break it in and see what it does. It may have been refined accuracy wise more than most.
When I buy a new truck, I've never gotten 1 that had less than 10 miles on the odometer.
It seems that in this thread alone that there are 10 good reviews for each bad one. Until you shoot I you don't know if your over reacting or not. Break it in and see. Wishing you the best.

Here’s the link to one of the reviews I’ve found

This guy doing the review is probably the same guy that makes you turn over the floor mats in his truck when you get in. Every Savage I’ve ever bought new has always needed to be cleaned up. They leave a coating on the steel components so it doesn’t rust,corrode, etc while in storage or shipped in a container out of the country. Any new rifle I get also gets a complete cleaning before firing, even if it’s a custom. The wear marks on the bolt are from the factory being sure it cycles perfectly and head spaces properly. I’d rather have one dirty knowing the factory did what they are supposed to as opposed to one that’s nice and clean out of the box that has a problem like so many of the CA’s we all hear about. I’m sure if we all want to pay a additional $50 for all Savage rifles they will gladly pay one of their GS to clean it up.
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I’ve never shot but one elite precision. It was a friend’s in 300prc. I was getting hits at 1 mile with it, all the while struggling to get my custom in a similar caliber past 1500 yds. I would want a slightly lighter trigger, but only because I have had a stroke in the past and need a trigger at about a pound due to a weak trigger finger. However, it was very manageable. I was greatly impressed. My friend was hammering most shots at a mile while others were like me and my custom, just hoping to get a hit at the mile marker. I was very impressed regardless of the price. And with the hard vertical grip, I have the same chassis on another rifle. It is a simple swap to any ar style grip you want (vertical or normal slanted style).
I have the Savage BA stealth in 338 LM, and for me, it shoots well when I do my part. My inly complaint was the trigger, I could never get used to it. Every time I tried my normal trigger pull squeeze, it would reset and lock the trigger. After replacing the trigger with an after-market Timney, it shoots extremely well, assuming I do my part.
I have the Savage BA stealth in 338 LM, and for me, it shoots well when I do my part. My inly complaint was the trigger, I could never get used to it. Every time I tried my normal trigger pull squeeze, it would reset and lock the trigger. After replacing the trigger with an after-market Timney, it shoots extremely well, assuming I do my part.
It was set too light. That’s the safety feature of the blade trigger.
I own several Savage rifles and all shot great except for the last one which was a bit finicky. It was a 110 High Country in 6.5 PRC. Finally got everything nailed down and it now shoots bug holes. Sometimes it's good to be challenged it keeps us on our game.


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I have a Savage FP10 Police in an HS Precision stock, 24" heavy barrel, I've had this rifle for several years and only shot about 10 rounds through it mostly because I use my Remington PSS 308 for work. I've been in the gun business since the mid 70's where I worked on the retail side in a large sporting goods store where we specialized in higher end rifle and shotguns, Weatherby, Colt Sauer, Beretta, we had Remington and Rugers as well. All that to establish a level of protracted experience to say that every rifle we had in our inventory had been proof fired at the factory and all of them needed cleaning before the new owner ever took the first shot. The same is true today so to find a rifle filthy, out of the box should be no surprise. It just is what it is. I have had my own FFL and been in Law Enforcement since the mid 80's and I have developed a routine for every new weapon of any type that I put in my personal inventory. I fully disassemble the weapon, inspect everything, clean everything and if it's a rifle I adjust the trigger to my liking, install a base and rings or just rings and torque them with a real torque wrench per manufacturer specs. I install the scope, level it to the receiver and plumb line, place it back into the stock and torque the receiver bolts to manufacturers specs. Doing this gives me a solid starting point so that if things don't go as expected at the range, I don't have to wonder about any of those contributing factors that all make a big difference when shooting. I did take the barrel off of the Savage only to find that they must have assembled it in a sandbox, I have never seen so much grit and metal shaving in the threads of a barrel action. It took substantial effort to properly clean all of those surfaced and components. I wish I had a precision ground recoil lug when I reassembled everything but I didn't and if I decide to put that rifle into service, I'll get one since the factory recoil lug is garbage. Does it really matter? if it shoots it shoots and my anal penchant for precision components is just that and may have no bearing as to whether the rifle shoots well, peace of mind. If I were going to spend the money for a Savage Elite, I would likely buy a Masterpiece Arms or a Tikka UPR or Super Varmint if one were in the caliber I wanted. But that's just me...

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