Savage 110 conversion


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Dec 31, 2008
Bad information ? NO, just an alternative viewpoint. Seems to be a trend here to attacking people by name calling, with whom you dont agree.
The trend on most forums is that many posters treat their opinion as fact. Using a Gen 1 action would be deterred by anyone who has experience building rifles using savage actions as a base.

The OEM support stopped over 30 years ago. Scour the want adds for one of these Gen 1 SA rifles, actions or parts for them. Stocks?(SSS does not sell Composite stocks for any Savage rifle, Kevin Rayhill at Stockade may make you one with a 8 month wait and an extra 50 bucks for the correct inlet) How about bolt heads. Do you have a source? Ejectors? Extractors? Yeah used parts on Numrichs may help you some. If they have them. See if you get any interest from a knowledgeable person to purchase a gen1 action or rifle for a build. Go to Savage and ask about using one for a build. Not one person will tell you that it is a good idea. I see it all the time were a guy was snookered into buying an older Savage action and they end up trying to figure out how to unload it and get a newer action. If you are nostalgic or have that awesome get er done mentality, that's great and I admire that. Is that route for most enthusiast? Hardly

So, I'm sorry you were offended by me stating your opinion was bad advice, It happens if your out there selling wolf cookies as gold coins.
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Savage 12BVSS

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Dec 20, 2019
The only place I could find a stock was from stockade and kevin made it special and did charge extra. It is a special action to me as my Dad gave me the gun as a present so I would never part with it, but it would never be my choice for a savage build. After I had the stock made and put a timney trigger and tactical bolt handle on it, I bedded it, shoots good but on your own for most bolt parts. Use a newer action you'll be glad you did.

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