Savage 10 FP or Remington LTR


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Jun 5, 2007
S.W. Colorado
Looking for some advice on a starting rifle for a mid-range deer rifle and maybe some elk thrown in. The caliber will be .308 Win. I have read some good review's for the .308 as a starter's caliber, most of our shot's will be 500-600 yds across sage brush flat's. So any comment's would be helpful.
you will probably be happy with either one I am a remington fan so last spring when I decided to get into lrh I bought a rem 700 tactical xcr 308. with the 26 inch tube, it shoots awesome will shoot .5 with black hills factory ammo and better with my handloads, I topped it off with a 5.5-22 nightforce and I am more impessed with the scope than I thought I would be they are worth the money, I think if you shoot 175s or 178s you will be fine shooting elk at 600 its where you put the bullet that matters most.gun)
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