SOLD/EXPIRED Sauer 202 Lightweight, 243 Fluted, Llaflon coated, as NIB


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Jan 23, 2006
San Antonio, Tx.
Have a Sauer 202 for sale. It's a 202 lightweight with the built in Weaver bases chambered in 243 with the fluted barrel and llaflon coating on the barrel and action. It has the nice looking black stock is awful close to brand new. I can't see a mark on it.

I've shot probably about 3 boxes of various 243 factory loads through it looking for the 'right one'. It appears to like the 55 gr Winchester ballistic tip and the Hornady 58 grain the best. Shoots both into under an inch at 100 yards. I've gotten a few 1/2" groups but most are in the 1/2-3/4 range. I think once it's shot in it'll be a consistent 1/2" gun. It's never been hunted with and spent the last however many years in the safe looking pretty.

This rifle will accept different barrels from 22-250 through 270, 30-06, 7x57, 8x57 and a bunch of other calibers all the way up to 9,3x62. Depending on the caliber you may have to change the bolt and magazine. But the action and stocks stay the same providing multiple platforms.

These actions with the built in Weaver bases are no longer built and really offered some things far better than the new ones offer. They are also just over 6#, my 202 lightweight 270 weighs 7.56# with a Z6 2-12x50 SR swarovski on it.

The model that replaced this one is the Outback and it retails for $3498 and does not come with the built in Weaver bases. It requires screw on bases or Sauer's proprietary mounting system which is over $600. The original lightweight was in my opinion a great design in that the bases were part of the gun and would never come loose and also provided an excellent way to mount your scopes.

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