Sako TRGS barrel shank

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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2001
    I just got done talking with a Gunsmith that has rebarreled several TRGS actions. He gave me the dimensions on the Barrel Shank, here they are:

    1.5 metric thread pitch
    Diameter 1.050" inches
    Length .970" inches

    I am planning on building a longrange 338 Lapua IMP off of this action. Originally I was going to use a REM700 action but was warned that the barrel shank was too small for the big case, but the TRGS action has a smaller barrel shank than the 700,

    help! Should I still use the TRGS action?

    Or should I just use a 1.5 inch Hall action? I wanted a repeater, but I guess I could probably do without.

    oh yeah, another thing he said was the TRGS has a flimsy bolt handle. He said he has seen more than one break completely off. He said the point where the handle attaches to the bolt is what is causing the problem.

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