sako trg-42 338 lapua vs McMillan MCRT .338 Lapua Tactical


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Dec 18, 2001
how does the sako shoot vs the McMillan the sako is 2500 the McMillan is 3700 is there that much difference in the workmanship ,You can buy McMillan stocks, ready to ship at the LRH Store thanks,keith
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Hi there
My dad bought a Sako TRG-42 a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I want one too. I shot a deer with it the other day and man I tell you it wasnt pretty.
I dont know anything about the mcmillan sorry.
I have shot the Sako in both .308 and .338LM, have only shot McM's in .308 and .300WM. Hands down, I would go with the Sako. In my experience (comparing .308 to .308), the stock was more ergonomic, the rifle is lighter to lug around, and accuracy was just as good, if not better than Mcmillan. You can easily purchase a Sako from a distributor, and will have to wait if you go the McM route. Now that production tactical (or sniper, or long range, whatever phrase you fancy) rigs are cheaper and perform similarly, or better than custom rigs, I see no reason to go the custom route, unless you really want something customized - i.e. particular action type, certain stock, etc. Both the Sako and the AI AE guns are exemplary - if you must have a Mcmillian stock on your gun, the top level FN bolt guns are the ticket. You will probably get a better return on investment going out-of-the-box. Custom guns usually don't fetch near as much as what you paid for them because if someone wants a cutom gun, then they will pay to have it customized exactly the way they want it, rather than settle for yours. The only customs that I have seen retain most of their value are the Chandler Snipers from IBA. They don't build many of them, and they are the most hardened Rem 700 action bolt gun out there. In this gun, you are paying for the robustness and for the Chandler name. Unfortunately, GA, TBA, McM, and the other custom guys out there don't have the same amount of cache as the Chandlers, even though they are building fantastic guns. :-( The upside to that is that you will build you a similar quality gun for less, and resale doesn't matter if you are going to use it forever.

Good luck with whatever you decide! YMMV

I've put in my order for a Barrett 98B. I shoot a 99 and this Barrett is TACTICOOL. ;^)
That being said; there have been a few of the TRGs with the folding stock option seen in the sandbox.
Shot the TRG and for the money it is not bad. Have shot McM but not the 338 also. However would not spend that kind of money for off shelf gun.

You can get a much higher quality custom rig for around $3700 depending on what components you choose. IMO they hold their value extremely well compared to the off shelf big name guns.

IMO the best deals are normally used high end guns being sold by the guy who just had to have it, does not shoot it and now needs money and sells it at a 25% or more discount. Always a 338 on Snipers Hide like that. Hell of a deal here now on a 300 Wthby Imp Mk5 that will run a 240 really out there until you can build buy what you want.

Joel Russo here makes some great A5L stocks for big actions and has access to actions and barrels. Might want to PM him.

SAKO guarantees 5-shot accuracy while most gun makers only 3-shot accuracy ... that's some Finnish Cahones :D. Having said that, of the two choices, I'd go with SAKO. I have the TRGS-1 and it's quite the shooter.
Bountyhunter-If I wanted to make a gun--Start out with the long Barnard action. MT Guns It comes with a phenominal trigger. Add a Krieger, Broughten or Bartlien Barrel. I kinda like the McM A5, but there are bunches of great prone stocks out there. I use a Barnard on my F-class gun. Lots of the great Palma shooters like them also. All in all you could have about $2500 in it when you finish. Thread the barrel and use an Armalite AR-30-muzzle brake. It's just that I really like the Barrett. I was shooting my 99 Yesterday. My fun meter got pegged. The reason that I like the Armalite brake is that I adapted an AR-50 brake to my 99. I had to make a sleeve to match the Barrett threads and bore out the brake and line it up and tig the sleeve in place. The new brake is twice the size of my 2 chamber Barrett brake and works comenserately better. The thing is--these are just toys and why not?
I've got the TR-42 Older and the Newer one for the 300 grain, and i can tell you first hand it kicks Butt, highly accurate both of them. Dime size groups at a 100 yrds with Hornady factory loads and my own are Lapua brass with 88.5 grains of Accurate's mag-pro and Seirra's 250grain bullets.
The Only drawback is the price of all the crap nickle and dime-ing you to death the muzzle brake,the bipod ( which is great bi-pod),the picanny rail syatem,mags BLA BLA BLA.But it is a greaaaaat shooting gun adjustable trigger (EASY ADJUSTMENT) and smooth. As for the McMillon i know they build state of the art guns their barrels need some attention. It's not a Kreiger but their stocks are the best, their is (NOT LITE THOUGH) so you might have to suck it up if you don't have some meat on your bones...H&S Precision also makes a awesome gun.I have one of them also,shoot's dimes also. little more kick than the TRG though but it s a lot lighter.Noe for the Barrett im waiting for miner to come in to do the T&E on it. I was shooting up at Camp McKoY WIS, and the head cheese in charge was kicking our butts at the competition. Of coarse i didnt have my TRG their also which didnt help,,,OH WELL Next time i wont bring a pea shooter (223) to a real match with the big boys...The Barrett is light & very accurate and has a great muzzle brake that works 100% and it is around $4300.00 from Schryver Gun Sales - Forreston, Illinois if you are looking for a dealer...WOW, i guess i can type .....JDLOTTO
A friend of mine just picked this up. It is an Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum 1-11 twist fitted with a Nightforce 5.5x22x56mm scope.

We are just in the process of starting to reload for it. He is planing to shoot 250gr HPBT Match Sierra's Retumbo powder & 215F Match primers. Lapua brass will be used also. Looking for a starting point from Lapua shooters here.







This is not my personal cup of tea, but my buddy sure has a chub for it. What do you guys think? :eek:
CD Parker

Barnard makes a great action, but I am not sure how you figure only $2500, but would like to hear.

The large Barnard with trigger is $1300 from MT.

McM A5 is $600 or more, Masten stock starts at $850 unfinished

Joel Russo has an A5L (large for larger actions) that will finish, pillared and clear coat at $850 or more depending on options.

Any stock finished, bedded etc will be absolute minimum of about $850-1000 or more depending and could run a lot more than that.

my recent (last 30 days) Bartlein 338 barrel was $565 fluted so drop $125 if non fluted.

Try the new Holland radial brake, beats anything I have seen. $100

that puts pure components at $2500 and no smithing (chambering, bedding, muzzle brake etc). No bottom metal included, single shot only which is fine. I prefer that in the big ones.

My experience is you had better add another $1000 to that $2500 unless you are doing all your own smithing.

However, at the end of the day you sure have a better rig IMO also.

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