Sako, Ruger, Remington - Elk hunting.


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Sep 18, 2002
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I sure could use some advice on what rifle I should consider for Elk hunting. The only thing that I have decided upon is that I want a 30 caliber. Based upon some of the discussions that I have read I looked at the Sako 300 Fin light with a synthetic stock. One dealer cautioned me about the gun because of several changes in the last couple of years (see topic from Sept. 4th: TRGS and .338 Lapua, the guy is on his 5th Sako synthetic stock). In fact, he encouraged me to post this question to you all on this site:

What are your thoughts about the inletting on Sako's stock and its rigidity; and the performance of the guns recoil lug, and attachment to receiver? He recommended that I look into the Ruger 77 300 all weather. The gun seems solid. But what do you think about its quality and its accuracy?

Then there is the Remington. I like Remington, I have had a Remington 700 30.6 for the last 10 years. But I'm not sure that I like the idea of the bolt (new 30 cal.)being able to slip out when the safety is on.

At this point I am starting to think that I need to start looking for a Pre-64 Winchester 300 at a gun show. To sum it up… I am looking for a gun that is durable, accurate, and preferably in a new model. Any idea's????

You should be able to fit an old safety lever to the Remington you have and stop the bolt from opening while the safety is on. I have many old remingtons and prefer the non-bolt lift models. (This type is the "dreaded" safety problem version so be aware)...

A gunsmith with a few old triggers around should be able to get the correct part for you.
I have a 700 adl composite stock that I glass bedded that shoots under .5 with 180 serrias that I am taking elk hunting this year. My buddy brought a ruger allweather 338 last spring when we were shooting up some rem factory 250's for the brass wwe found out that they would shoot in .750 at 100 he well be using that. As with any factory rifle you can get goods and not so good ones most need trigger work some more.
I have a Sako TRG-S in 338 Lapua. Still on my first stock. I don't care for the stock as far as the shape, but I find it hard to believe someone has broken 5 of these stocks. Sounds a bit like user error. BTW, I have put over 500 rounds through the Lapua without a hint of problem.

These is just my experience with one TRG-S, I had one in 300 WBY, but I didn't care for the 300 WBY (it's a good round but not for me)and a good friend had one in 375 HH. Neither of us have broken a stock.

What type of gun are you looking for, a Remington Sendero is a nice rifle, the Winchester Laredo is nice...etc.

What kind of gun am I looking for? To answer that - When I started looking for a new gun I promised myself to keep an open mind and see where my research takes me. I have been to several chat rooms and manufacture websites educating myself on what's out there. So I am open to hear what you you like and why. I do read a lot of good things about the Sendero. I am willing to spend the money for a Sako. But I am afraid the quality is going the same way (downhill) that it did for Winchester (pre-64). That is why I am here. Thanks in advance for your advise and comments everyone...
Do you want to carry a Sendero elk hunting? Suggest a Sako 75 in .300 Win or .338 Win. Best out of the box accuracy - no loose stock bolts, triggers set about 3 lb and crisp, best operating detachable mags, nice fitting stocks, smooth action, sub minute of angle three shot groups with decent ammo - what else does a person need for a carrying rifle. Sako is Sako.
Nothing wrong with Tikkas either, have seen some very good shooters but they ain't 75's.

Bottom line is that any U.S. made rifle other than Weatherby is most likely going to take some tinkering to get it to shoot to its potential. There are exceptions but most need trigger work, bedding, decent stock bolts and other pains in the butt. Seems like Weatherby actually has final assembly people who can tighten a frigging stock bolt -plus their triggers are very decent.
Bjorn have you looked at the Tikka whitetail deluxe? Reasonable price very accurate no need to brd and float as they come free floated from the factory. the way they are constucted it is very hard to improve on the bedding. They are one of tthe very few rifles that still have an adjustable trigger that anyone with 7 or more IQ points can adjust down to 2.5 lbs. I have put several close friends into these guns all in 300 win mag all shoot .750 or better with decent ammo.I have a concern with the Finnlite in the fact that Sako has always used a hammer forged barrel, I know of no process available that allows for fluting a barrel after it has been rifled without causing harmonic stress. I am a dealer for Sako & Tikka and really find they shoot equally well despite the $400 to $500 difference in price
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