SOLD/EXPIRED Sako Rifles & Weatherby rifle for sale

Jeff Jermunson

New Member
Jul 26, 2009
I have 1 Sako AV carbine, chambered in 300 weatherby magnum for sale. The gun is in good shape and shoots well. I have dies, some brass and misc cartridges. There is one stock repair which I can describe in person and/or with pictures.

In addition I have a Sako L579 action 22-250 rifle for sale that I would rate as fair. It has been a good utility gun for me shooting mainly coyotes. Again I would like to discuss the gun condition and performance in person.

I have a Weatherby Mark V 270 caliber in the ultra light weight. I have added an after market recoil pad with spacers to adjust the length of pull. Shoots well! I have dies, some brass and misc. cartridges.

Thank you
Welcome to LRH and enjoy!

Price$, pictures (of rifle, target grouping ...), and other pertinent info, i.e., round counts, twist, etc , never hurts.

Good luck!