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Aug 17, 2004
Ft. Worth
Does anyone know who, besides weaver, makes scope mounts for a Sako L579? Would really prefer 1 peice, but this may be out of the question.

I have a L579 and an AV SAKO the new style SAKO mounts are all too tall for the old SAKO action's unless you have a 56mm obj.
The best set up I have seen is the Burris dual dovetail bases with burris dual dovetail signature rings with the inserts.they come in 1" and 30mm
very solid.
p.s. I have a set of origional SAKO L579 rings if you are interested but they are low's so you would need to have a pencil barrel or a scope with an obj. smaller than 40mm

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Thanks for the replies, looks like Leupold makes the only 1 pc. base.
Brian, thanks for the offer, but a pencil barrel just isn't in the cards.
if you say Leupold makes a 1 piece mount, I have never seen one. I am a huge Leupold fan but every SAKO mount that they make that I have seen has not fit well. that is why I suggested the Burris dual dovetail mount (With Leupold Scope)
According to the Leupold website they make one. But after more research, it does sound like fit will be a problem. I spoke with Ron at Warne yesterday, and he said the same even for their mounts on that action, I need to caliper.
My next prject is going to be a 700 plug and play!
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