Sako m995 rifle 30-378wby to 338 lapua

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  1. Chappy22

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Hello i am having a gunsmith re-barrel my TRG-S (sako m995) to 338 lapua. It was bought from the factory as a 30-378 wby. Im sure there are a few guns like mine that have been converted to the 338 lapua. First question do i have to change the bolt or bolt face (new extractor pin or anything for that matter)? Also i read somewhere that the TRG-42 magazines will work with the TRG-S bottom metal (any truth to it). I have already ordered a bottom metal from mcmillan along with the A5 stock. If anyone has any information on doing this conversion i would appreciate it as I am using a qualified gunsmith but he has never done a custom gun from a TRG-S. I hope that there isn't any major problems but give it to me straight up i would rather know now before its all done and paid for. Can't wait to get this gun back! gun):D
  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    The bolt face will have to be opened up from .579 to .588 for the Lapua case.

    The stock 378 extractor will work just like it is.

    I use the center feed and flat top bullet follower that comes with the 378 size cases
    but dont know if it will fit in the Sako.

    But is the Sako has a center feed , it should work with minimal tuning.