Sako finnbear


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Dec 5, 2009
I have a Sako Finnbear 7mm rm from the early 80's. I have been told they are a very fine action. Is this a good action to build a semi custom LR rifle? Thanks for your time.
all the sakos i have had ; had excellent triggers, and were very accurate. one article in precision shooting the author checked the "runout" on a sako action. he got .0000. no need to blueprint it. ron
This is my Sako Finnbear with a McMillan stock, Shilen 1:9 barrel, 6.5x55 with 140gr Amax


800 meters/ 875 yards

800 meters/ 875 yards

1005 meters/ 1099 yards
Sako Finnbear. Haven't done anything to the action but lapping the recoil lugs when fitting the new barrel


Hope this settles your mind on the Sako Finnbear quality
my wife just bought that same gun this year from her uncle for 500 bucks and loves shooting it. she shot her buck this year a 310 yds and it went 10 yards and piled up. I really like the trigger on it and how smooth the action is.
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