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Feb 2, 2010
im looking into buy a new rifle here soon im thinking of getting the sako 85 in a 270 wsm or 300wsm im looking for a rifles that may need to shot out to 5-600 yards is this rifle a good pick if i practice all the time. i will be hunting elk,deer,bear with it. if u have anyother rifle to look at please let me know my cash lilmit is 1400 i think might go up to 2000 i need
I have a Sako 85 Finnlight 300 WSM and I will never buy another one. It shoots anywhere from about 2-4 MOA. Have sent it back to tfactory 2 times now with no satisfaction and told by Beretta that it's fine and the next time I send it back they will charge me. It id almost impossible to find after markets parts and accessoires for them and IMO they have poor recoil lug design/system. if you get a good one, it will shoot well, but if you get a bad one you're stuck unless you sell it and if you're honest about it, good luck getting a good price.

I've read some things about the Savages, but my first choice in a factory rifle for a WSM cartridge would be a Sub MOA Vanguard. The actions are made by Howa and they come with excellent, solid, pillar bedded stocks. They come with a factory shot target with real bullet holes and should easily make 600 yd plus rifles. A SS goes for about $830 on gunbroker.

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what kinda glass do you have on your rifle? what kinda ammo do you use factory? and you have not done anything to your rifle
Krake22, if you're asking me, I had a NF NSX on my Sako. I shot 3 different types of factory ammo through it and numerous combinations of handloads. Nothing worked. I have had nothing done to it because I didn't want to void the warrantee. My guess is that it is either the recoil lug/system or the barrel. Dont really have a clue. I didn't pay $1400 for mine but I did get it new and a $1400 rifle should do much better, especially when it's "guaranteed" to shoot 1 MOA. But you will find that guarantee is empty if you have an accurcy problem with it.
that suck for a sako you should get better service then that. did you like your night force i been hearing good thing. im just tryn to put together a nice long range elk and deer gun and some bear. i hunt on the oregon coast alot of short shots but i seat on the clear cuts alot and have alot of long shots also. i got a tikka t3 270wsm for the timber and for shots to 450yards looking for the next toy now for longer sange. i seen a christensen arms in 300wsm and 300 ultra mag at the local sportmans warehouse for 2000 are they great rifles for that price
Yup, Beretta customer service is terrible. I wont buy another Sako/Tikka/Beretta product again because of my experience with them. If you got a good shooting Tikka, that's great, I would hold on to it and take care of it. I would never buy a Christensen either because of the things I've read about them.

If you're not shooting any farther than 600 yds then you dont need a 300 RUM. The only reason I have a RUM is for 1K shooting. A 300 WSM uses a lot less powder, barrel will last a lot longer and it has a lot less kick than the RUM and it will get you to 700 yds with most loads at sea level and with a good load it will get you to 900 yds. If you want more, than go with a RUM and if you go with a RUM, get a Sendero hands down. My first choice for the 300 WSM is the Sub MOA Vanguard. Next choice would be a Savage. You might get a good Sako 85, A7 or Tikka but for me it's too risky and I wont go that route again.

I love my NF scope. For LR hunting, it's the best way to go IMO. There are some other good ones, but for the money, nothing comes close.
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Mine is all stock (Mod 12VLP). The only improvement is a muzzle break. I am not a big fan of recoil. I use 208 Hornady A-Max in my handloads. I couldn't tell you how it does with factory ammo.

I am a builder on a budget. So I use a Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40SF w/ Target Dot. Its no NF, but it gets the job done. I pegged a ground hog at 605 yards in the head. I was impressed with myself needless to say. Can't complain with my set up. Works well for a stock rifle.

montanarifleman i have heard the sendero are really good how are the 7mm ultra in that rifle. or eevn the 300 win what kinda of a range am i looking at for factory ammo the is still good shooting
The Senderos are good shooters in any cartridge. The 7mm RUM is a very flat shooter but it's a barrel burner too. The 300 WM has very little if anything over the 300 WSM and I would go with the WSM over the WM, but the Sendero doesn't come in a WSM. If you want to get the most out of a Sendero, then you should handload but they will shoot factroy ammo well, especially the Rem Sciroccos. But the factory ammo might not be very consistant at long range.
I'm sorry to say that my experience with the 85 Finnlight mirrors that of MontanaRifleman. I purchased a new 270wsm. Sweet action but I could not get it to shoot to my liking. They have recently re-designed the stock. Not sure if the lug/bedding area was changed though.
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