Sako 85 stock

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Hi I'm fairly new to the forum, have been lurking for quite awhile but finally signed up a little while ago.
    I am looking for some info on the Stock for a Sako 85.
    I have got a Sako 85 grey wolf laminate stock in 30.06 for my son. He is in his early teens so the stock is to long for him. I am planning on saving this stock until he grows into it. For now I am looking for a used replacement stock for now so I can cut it down. Can any one tell me whether a Sako 75 stock will fit or a Sako L61 stock will fit. I have a line on these at the moment but am not sure they will work. Or is there any other Sako models that will fit.
    any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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