Sako 75 (WSM) or trade for a good scope


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Oct 24, 2013
Western Kentucky
Wanted to see if anyone was interested in my Sako 75 7mm wsm, 23 3/8" barrel and an extra stock. Stock 1 is a high gloss with a rose wood cap. It has a really small scratch on it, bearly can be seen. Stock 2 which is a beautiful stain with rose wood cap, it was shipped to me through FedEx which busted the stock at the grips and that how it ended up with another stock. I had the stock repaired which they did a great job on. This stock is hand down prettier than the the high gloss. As you will see in the pictures.
It has a year old Meopta 4,5x14x44 1" scope mounted in Sako rings. I added up the cost of all used used prices. And came up with $1,750 for all, and it will come with 100rds of brass in which half is loaded with my pet load. And also a set of RCBS DIES. it is truly a beautiful gun. But I'm looking to build me another custom gun.
Here is the trades I'm looking for, all high end scopes.

In no certain order;
Zeiss Victory HT or the older T model 4x14x44 or 50mm
Swarovski Z5 3.5x18x44 BT plex
Swarovski Z5 5x25x52 BT plex
Swarovski Z6 2x15xx44 BRH 30MM
S & B 4X16X50/56MM
Or some newer HD Zeiss glass
Offers welcome

Leupold XX6 HB 3x18x44 SF 8xx12 Fire
Leupold X5 3X15 44 Fire dot

Contact me and we will try to put together a deal.will post more picutes
Thanks David


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