Sako 75 w/ Near base has extraction issue

Chris Gibson

New Member
Nov 23, 2007
St. Louis, MO
I hope that someone here can help me out. First, here is what I have:

Sako 75 Stainless
7mm RUM
McMillan stock (action is bedded)

Last year, I had a Near Mfg. scope base installed. It fits and looks perfect. The rifle is a very nice shooter. Using factory stuff, it will shoot .25 at 100 yards.

Here is the problem: Since having the base installed, the empty cases will not extract all of the way. It looks like a stove pipe from a semi-auto handgun. I noticed that the case, no matter how fast I work the action, stikes the bottom of the base on the way out.

When I had Sako bases, prior to having the base installed, the cases extracted fine.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. I really want to keep the base.



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