Safe Cleanout Win 1895, Rem 700 270wsm


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Jan 31, 2013
I have a few safe queens that I am looking to move on from, thinking of getting a custom action rifle so looking to build funds. Would entertain trades with some cash as needed on my end for a defiance or GAP(defiance action), looking at 7mm-08, would go barreled action as I have stocks to choose from, or would trade for a Seekins PH1 or HP1 in 6.5 creed or .308

1)A: Winchester 1895 .405 win, never fired some small safe rash, Teddy Roosevelt's Africa hunting rifle, $1100 shipped SOLD

B: Winchester 1895 .270 win(rareish), never fired, also $1100 shipped. Did A and B since I would like to keep one of these unless someone makes me a heck of an offer.

2) Remington sps stainless .270wsm, in bell and Carlson Alaska TI stock(full bed block) comes in just under 7# with timney trigger and nightforce 20moa rail. approx. 50 rounds fired and is reasonably accurate, no targets, few deer under it's belt. $700 shipped. SOLD

I don't have pictures handy but if you PM me an email or text I can get some tonight when I get home or I can get them on here also.

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