S1 camouflaged rifles

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    Jan 28, 2003
    S1, after I saw your post on the camo jobs that you are doing I sent you an E-mail on March 5th with no responce. [​IMG]
    The question that is of most importance is do you have an FFL.
    I don't know of anyone that is will to just send someone a firearm that doesn't have an FFL. If I remember correctly from someone elses website that was doing camo jobs it was illegal for him to accept firearms for not having an FFL. He had to do local jobs only because of that.
    My apologizies for having to post this, but the E-mail attemp didn't work.
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    I have been working for a company that has a class 10 (Manufacturers Liscense). This company has recently relocated to western Tennessee. So we have recently formed a new Missouri Corporation which is in the process of obtaining a class 7 Manufacturers Liscense.