S&W SW 22 Victory

Purchased yesterday, shot this morning and cannot believe how accurate this pistol is even with Armscal HP ammo. Adjusted sights down and the fiber optics bright and clear even to old eyes. So carried in extra shoulder holster that worked OK when doing some yard cleanup on tractor, woodchuck had bad timing coming out onto clover food plot. Steadied on steering wheel and made nice shot about 40 yds on him! So first kill in 1/2 day owning it!

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Craig nice pistol and congrats on the Woodchuck. Jill's dad had one of these and it shot great!
When I retired I thinned out the accumulation of firearms that happened from my day job…..upgraded a touch to fill the gap in my soul it left🤣


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I love the victory, much prefer them to the ruger. It hasn't been out of the safe in years. I have red dots on both and love them. Grab one of the sightron sr2 that midway has on clearance at a great price. The only place you went wrong was not getting a threaded one to add a muffler. 😜
Any malfunctions?
Red dot or the victory? The victory is the only 22 semi pistol I've ever seen run subsonics so well. When clean and well lubed it will even cycle cci quiets, not everytime but still quite impressive...
I’ve had the performance center version with a carbon barrel and a Holosun red dot for 3 years. As you know, very accurate. Mine runs 45 grain subsonic ammo just fine and eats up all the HV you can feed it. I really don’t shoot paper much to say what it likes most but many a gopher has fallen to that pistol all the way to 70 yds. The only thing I have experienced causing it to not cycle properly was using a Teflon grease for the bolt in cold weather instead of my normal synthetic oil. Also I use a bore snake and if you snag the ejector rod it can get tweaked a little causing failure to eject. If you start seeing those or they hang up inside the action on the way out check the alignment on that stamped part that slides along the bolt. I have a MKIII SS hunter with all Volquartsen internals and iron sights that I use when I want to make it hard on myself but the SW22 with a red dot is tough to beat!